How to Grow Thick Eyebrows with Coconut Oil

Thick and well-shaped eyebrows are always trendier, so everyone wants to maintain them (especially celebrities) to enhance their look. While the thin and sparse eyebrows will make you look aged and dull. Over plucking, threading, aging, poor cosmetic products, nutritional deficiencies, shave or waxed, stress and some health problems and medical treatments like radiation, eczema, hypothyroidism, chemotherapy, etc. will cause hair loss including the eyebrow line.Don’t get worried about it, fortunately, there are many natural ways to make your eyebrows grow thick and look attractive. Coconut oil is one such natural remedy used to grow your eyebrows thick.Coconut oil works in two ways for promot

Kuidas saada endale tihedaid ja ilusaid kulme?

Paksud kulmud on ilumaailmas moes ja kehtib reegel - mida rohkem, seda uhkem. Peente ja kitkutud kulmude aeg on möödas. Kahjuks aga mitte kõik inimesed pole sündinud ilusate paksude kulmudega. Sellest hoolimata on just neile inimestele hea uudis: kõikidel on võimalik olla moodne ja ajaga kaasas käia. Me õpetame järgnevas artiklis nippe, mis soodustavad kulmukarvade kasvu. 1. Riitsinusõli Riitsinusõli kasutati koduse ravivahendina nohu ja kõhukinnisuse vastu. Selle õli mitte just kõige parema maitsega traumeeriti ilmselt mitmeid sugupõlvi. Ent riitsinusõli võib ka imesid teha. Näiteks on ta lausa imettegeva toimega kulmudele, tagades kulmude loomuliku kasvu. Kanna selleks riitsinusõli

Why is Microblading so popular – and is it better than traditional SPMU?

Over the last few years the SPMU industry as a whole has experienced some huge changes – in an incredibly positive way. Microblading treatments in particular have gained massive popularity. The social media has truly given the industry a boost – with multiple platforms introducing SPMU including prolific beauty bloggers and Instagram influencers. Search ‘microblading’ online and you’ll now find a host of YouTube Tutorials, Facebook Live streams and Snapchats sharing techniques and results. The buzz generated has naturally resulted in a marked increase in popularity and curiosity. Just a few years ago many people didn’t know what microblading was – but at the moment it’s rapidly becoming a ‘m

Science Says This Is Your Most Important Facial Feature

And it's not your eyes. What is the key feature that makes a face stand out? While the logical assumption might be your standard nose, eyes, mouth, it's the brows that hold the highest face value. Beyond their function as a filter against dust, dirt and sweat that might get in your eyes, brows have a strong social significance for "emotional expression as well as facial recognition," reports Yahoo! Health. Given the general fascination with lush eyebrows lately, we can't say we're surprised. We all want Cara Delevingne's arches, and if we weren't blessed with a set of bold beauties at birth, we're compensating with brow tints, growth-stimulating serums and even hair transplant procedures, wh

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