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Microblading Healing Process

What to expect after

Trust the process

Healed microblading results are the most beautiful and natural looking way to enhance eyebrows, but the path leading to those anticipated healed results can be a little bit surprising. In addition to following the microblading aftercare instructions, understanding the microblading healing process is essential to avoid undue worry and stress while going through the different stages of healing.

When it comes to understanding the microblading healing process, the best way to start is by emphasizing the word “process.” Since microblading involves cutting into the skin, clearly there’s going to be a healing process, just as there is for any other wound. However, unlike those other wounds, the fine cuts made by microblading are expected to heal in a way that the healed microblading results mimic the appearance of natural eyebrow hair; which heightens the concern for correctly healed results for anyone going through the healing process.

There are stages of the healing process that can cause many, especially those who aren’t prepared with what to expect, to wonder if eyebrow microblading was a mistake. To help reduce the drama, the microblading healing process is described below:

*Please note: everyone heals differently so these times are only a general guideline.
Microblading Healing Timeline
Day 1: "I LOVE MY BROWS!" Eyebrows look amazing immediately after microblading appointment
Pigment gradually gets darker through out the day

Day 2-4:

"These are way too dark and thick." Your brows will actually get darker over this period of time, but don't freak out! They will lighten again (about 30-40%).

Day 5-8:

During these days your brows may be flaking and scabbing off. Make sure to NOT pick or remove the scabs or you may inadvertently remove some of your pigment!

Day 9-10:
"My brows have completely fallen off!!" Your brows will appear like they are completely gone during this time, but don't worry - they will still be there! And this is also why it's important to have your touch up.
Days 11-28:
"My brows are coming back but they are patchy!" Your brows will appear to be patch and incomplete during this part of the healing process. Most of these patches will fill in over time but if for some reason some area doesn't take the touch up will help fill the gap so to speak.

After touch up:

"These are better than I could have ever imagined!!!" And now you are back to the way you felt after the first day Trust me when I say that this is a real cycle.

As you can see there are definitely lots of up's and down's that occur, and if you aren't ready for them they can definitely cause some stress. But don't worry, as long as you listen to the aftercare instructions you won't have any long term issues. ​The most important thing you can do is set your expectations up early and TRUST your artist to get the best possible result!

Is Scabbing normal after the first visit?

​YES! Scabbing is definitely a normal part of the healing process. ​Scabbing usually starts around day 5 (after your initial visit) and persists through day 10. As the scabs naturally fall off it may look like your brow becomes "patchy". This is OKAY. Don't let it freak you out.

Don't worry if it looks patchy, it will only be temporary. As long as you don't pick the scabs off any pigment that is loosened in this process can be reapplied during the touch up. ​

Why you shouldn't "pick" your microblading scabs?

​The microblading pigment is placed in a shallow well in your brows. The scabbing and healing process can adhere to the pigment and if you pick it off you are literally pulling the pigment off of your face in the process. This can basically undo all of the initial work and may result in a longer visit. If you let the skin heal naturally it will "let go" of the pigment through the process.

It is normal that about 10-15% of the pigment will fall out or fade during the initial healing process, but can be re-applied during the touch up.

Gorgeous microblading results are best achieved by dismissing any doubts while undergoing the healing stages of microblading, and continuing to follow the microblading aftercare instructions. Not only is healing a process, but microblading itself is as well. The initial microblading appointment is essential for laying a good foundation, but the final touch up appointment is where the process is completed.

Trust the process!

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