Perfect Looking Eyebrows Technique

Eyebrows play a huge role in a person’s look, they give life to the face, they give expression and style. A lot of times a beautiful makeup is not enough to make you look good if the eyebrows are neglected. Probably a lot of us made bad choices in the past when it comes to eyebrows shapes, but that doesn’t matter, we can always correct them. Natural looks are in trend and that means your eyebrows should look closer to that, not too much plucking, not too thin, just a little thickness and a nice curve. Stay with us to learn a technique to shape them and fill them so your eyebrows scream perfection!

What you will need: – tweezers; – small cosmetic scissors; – eyebrows brush; – eyebrows pencil in the right color for you; – concealer.

Directions: 1. Prepare all the necessary tools for this procedure. 2. Pluck any extra hair from the eyebrow area that

doesn’t match with the shape you want. Your

eyebrows should have a nice curve like in picture

number 2. Also, cut with the scissors any hair that

is too long and doesn’t fit well in the shape. Be very

careful not to make them thin! 3. Start lining the eyebrow at the bottom part with

the pencil of your choice and pay attention to how

you make the curve (not too curvy, not too straight). 4. Start making a small curve on the upper part from the outer corner side. 5. Slowly continue the line and go all the way down to the base. 6. Fill in the brow with the pencil to accentuate the color of them. 7. Take the eyebrows brush and gently brush the brow so in case the color is too strong it fades it a little bit to make it look more natural. 8. Apply some concealer around the shape of the brow to highlight the area. 9. Follow these steps to shape the other eyebrow then you are ready!

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